Divorce Cakes

We usually think of cakes for birthdays and weddings but did you know that it’s now acceptable to have divorce cakes? Around 2002, men and women began to throw parties to mark the official end of their marriages and found that divorce cakes provide a great focal point. While it might seem bizarre to “celebrate” the end of something that once meant so much to you both, a divorce party marks a new phase of your life as much as a birthday party or a wedding reception. It provides closure and subconsciously gives you “permission” to make a new, exciting life without your ex-spouse.

Divorce cakes come in many shapes, sizes, and themes, just like the wedding cakes that precede them. Like any other cakes, they are very personal and can be shaped and decorated according to your feelings about the divorce and your hopes for the future. Your divorce has consumed a lot of time, energy, and probably a lot of financial resources as well. Divorce cakes can help close this chapter of your life with a celebration of the future with all its amazing opportunities.

divorce cakesIf you’re exhausted from all the stress of the divorce, consider ordering a cake from a bakery. Start at least 3 weeks in advance to look for a baker and estimate the number of attendees to your party. Ask to see photos of cakes they’ve made before so you can get an idea of how you want yours to look. Will your cake be fun or serious? You’ll see many different divorce cakes that resemble wedding cakes complete with bride and groom since these seem to be popular right now. The bride and groom may both have weapons in their hands or their backs turned to each other. One may be kicking the other to the bottom tier of the cake. There are even divorce cakes made to look like graveyards, complete with a tombstone for “Matrimony”.

You may want to get a plain wedding cake and add your own decorations. This is a great activity for a divorce party! Have male and female figures ready to be put on the cake with a variety of miniature props such as a house, car, bank book, etc., and allow your guests to place them as they wish. Have tubes of frosting available for anyone that would like to add to the cake. This will bring a special element of fun to your party and allow all the friends who supported you during the divorce to help you celebrate your new life in a hands-on, personal way.

If you order a cake from a bakery, ask if they can deliver it. Bakeries know how to transport cakes without damaging them. If you put the cake in your trunk or the back of your car it may not arrive in pristine condition. It can be ruined in a fender bender whereas a bakery will have insurance to cover any merchandise they are transporting. Your cake will still be ruined but you’re assured of a fast replacement and the bakery won’t take a loss.

Divorce is never pleasant, no matter how civil or friendly the two parties are. A party can be a way of thanking your supporters and closing a chapter of your life. Divorce cakes provide the perfect focal point for your party and the start of a great new life.

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